Tuesday, May 31, 2005


Tonight I:
  • ate chocolate chip cookies and avoided my dishes
  • picked up my half finished snowflake, worked 1/6th of a round, and decided I wasn't up to thread work tonight
  • created a brownie (in reality, just the head... I had made the body on Sunday)
  • considered doing my dishes
  • read mail and blogs
  • posted photos to my blog
  • finally washed my dishes (including a million and a half tupperware lids I had put off from last time)
  • cooked and ate dinner
  • worked one repeat on my LB Homespun throw (two row repeat, and my wrist didn't start clicking...signifying impending pain...until the second row)
  • read more blogs
  • posted this silly list to my blog
Hopefully I didn't push my wrist too far. It would be nice if I could do one repeat per night without inciting pain... then it wouldn't take too much longer to finish the darn thing off. I want to be *done* with it!

Let's see... it's now the end of the month, and I had promised myself I could buy some KnitPicks Shine yarn if I kept my spending in check for the rest of May (I did pretty well), and finished three pairs of socks, the LB throw, and the slippers. (Or, 50% of Weasley instead of either the throw or slippers.) I've finished two pair of socks, one more repeat on the throw (I've been avoiding it & the pain), not enough of Weasley, and haven't touched the slippers. I guess I can't buy more yarn. *sigh* But, as a compromise, if I continue to be good about spending until I have finished the specified projects, I will reconsider letting myself buy some of this yarn. :)

It's always good to have an incentive to keeping my spending in check in the summer... I get paid more as an RA over the summer, because we officially work more hours. This tempts me to spend more than I should. But, this summer especially, I should save my pennies. If I'm lucky, I'll be able to save enough for tuition so that I won't have to transfer more money down from Canada... although that'll leave me pretty close to zero here. I hate losing money to exchange rates. Plus, once the money in Canada is gone, it's not coming back. (It's money I saved working co-op jobs as an undergrad.) My salary down here, however, is a renewable resource. For the time being, at least. (If I lose *that*, I'll definitely be transferring money down here! ...And pinching pennies to boot!)

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