Friday, May 13, 2005


Interesting... I finished reading that Organic Style article on sleep this morning. It actually answered a question I've been having about my headaches. My mom had read that a magnesium deficiency can cause migraines. I had discovered that taking magnesium helped my headaches, but I wasn't sure why I had a magnesium deficiency. According to this article, which recommended taking magnesium for other problems, *stress* causes the body to become depleted of magnesium.

In other words, grad school is causing my headaches.

Somehow, I knew I'd feel better when I graduated. I just didn't realize in how many ways. ;)


Anonymous said...

Yeah, stress can really work a number on the body in a ton of ways.

What are you getting your PhD in? I'd like to go back for a PhD one day, but not in the field I'm in now.

noricum said...

Computer Science. Wheee.