Wednesday, May 18, 2005


More button swap buttons arrived today:
button swap
These are from Rebecca. The black and rhinestone ones are vintage buttons. I especially like the dragonflies; the blue buttons are really pretty too. :)


Rebecca said...

Oh I'm glad you like them!! I was hoping the dragonflies weren't too cheesy. :)

noricum said...

Nope, they're lovely! They remind me of my time at the lake... sometimes when we were lying on the dock, a great big dragonfly would land near (or on) us, and we could watch it. :) Plus, I love the pretty enamel on the wings.

Anonymous said...

Those butterflies would make a really pretty cloak clasp. Not that you seem likely to wear a cloak, but they work well for Renaissance festivals in particular, and are pretty warm for running around in Texas in the winter, too, as long as you don't mind the occasional funny look.

noricum said...

The dragonflies are probably a bit small for a cloak clasp... I have them magnified a lot here. I'll keep something of that nature in mind, though. :)