Tuesday, May 17, 2005


I'm going to Boston this weekend. Neat! I never thought I'd be the type to off and fly places willy-nilly for a weekend, yet here I am. I'm leaving on Friday, and coming back Monday... after show & tell at my cousin's kid's school. I've never been on *this* side of show and tell before.

Socka cream are now being fast-tracked... since I'll be in Alison's back yard, I thought I'd have them ready in case she wants to get them in person. (Of course, what looks like her back yard on google maps may still be quite a distance away.) I'd estimate the socks are now 75% done, so I should have no problem finishing them up *very* soon. (So they'll at least be mailed soon, Alison. ;) )

Hmmm... about the only other exiting thing tonight is that Lorelai asked Luke to marry her on Gilmore Girls. (Luke's response was "what", but I have no doubt that'll be a "yes" when the new season starts.) It was such a nice warm & fuzzy send-off... much better than most season finales. I'm still really excited to see next season, but it doesn't leave me emotionally in the lurch the way some other finales do. Two thumbs way up for Gilmore Girls.

Time for bed now... must get up early and make lots of progress on coding, to make up for skipping school part of Friday afternoon and Monday. Cheers!

(Oh, and to all you RAOKers... I'll be checking my e-mail sporadically this weekend, so I should still manage to get you the info you need. I'll just be a bit slower than usual. If you don't want a delay... try to get your requests to me by Friday noon.)


hi, i'm natalie said...

Congrats on the jet-setting! Hvae funon your little getaway and good luck with the presentation!

Anonymous said...

I want them to release seasons of Gilmore Girls on DVD that I haven't seen yet. :P Of course, I no longer remember which seasons I did see. I saw most of Season 1 (except the very first few episodes) and I have that on DVD already, so one of these days I will get around to watching it. Which seasons were on while I was living with you (1 and 2?). I'm guessing I saw season 2 and part of season 3 before I gave up on it.

noricum said...

I'm pretty sure it was 1 & 2... I'm pretty sure I remember watching Gilmore Girls in the disaster house, and we started watching during the first season.