Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Too Much Information

I'm an "earthy" gal, and will talk about stuff you really don't want to read about. This is your warning. ;)

Have you ever noticed your bowels prefer the home throne? Well, mine do. Several factors contributed to some abdominal discomfort this morning... my recent trip to Boston (from which I am still unloading), putting on a freshly laundered pair of jeans (bought at a lower weight), and my stomach tying itself in knots because of my little committee meeting. Not a great combination.


Deneen said...

It's working now. I do believe that women can only feel comfortable "dropping a deuce" in their own bathroom or one that is very private and immaculate. MEn, on the other hand, can go out a car window if they had to.

Yes, my habits change while on vacation, as does my daughters, She's "happy" to be back to daily pooping!

noricum said...

Yay! I'm glad my comments are working again! :)

This is the comment Deneen couldn't post earlier:
For some reason I can't comment on your blog. I still use dial-up (yes, dial-up) and it just kept saying downloading "flikr", so take that crap off now.

Anyway, about your earthiness, I cannot "drop a deuce", as my husband so quaintly puts it, in a public restroom unless I am sick. While on vacation I get so backed up, I get sick and bloated. Elena, who poops daily no matter what, only pooped twice on the trip and has been pooping at least twice a day since we got back. She also comments daily now how much more she poops at home than at a hotel.

Your ass must be used to your seat and surroundings.

You know, there's nothing like a good BM!