Tuesday, May 17, 2005

And then there were five

I now have five committee members! Yay! I filled out the form saying who they are, and once I get a "recommendation for fixed term apointment to the graduate faculty" form filled out for the Duke prof, I've got a milestone checked! Yay! That's two now, counting the three-person meeting next week.

Silly meaningless milestones. Well, at least now I won't look quite as bad the next time the progress reports roll around. (And hopefully I'll have a better chance at keeping my funding in the fall... assuming satisfying these milestones in the summer isn't officially too late.)

I'll be much happier once I have both my proposal and orals taken care of. I'm not allowed to do those unless I'm registered for courses, so those'll have to wait until the fall. (Well, the paperwork can't be filed before then, at least. ;) )

Blech. That's enough beaurocracy for today. Back to coding. Later!


Anonymous said...

I remember how satisfying it was to be past my orals and how gutwrenching it was to actually be in them. Mine were test-to-destruction: start asking questions, then follow up, drill down, and keep asking and asking and asking. The criterion for stopping was when I totally failed to give a satisfactory answer. Then they started again on another topic.

I'm told that almost all the candidates come out of orals believing that they've failed miserably, but if you look at the numbers, almost everyone passes. Sometimes with qualifications, but outright failure is very uncommon.

Hang in there. I miss you.

noricum said...

Hi Andy! I wasn't sure if you actually read my blog. I miss you too!

Anonymous said...

I thought you'd finished all your courses a long time ago. Or is this just you must be registered for "Dissertation" or something like that?

noricum said...

Yeah... three credits worth of dissertation hours (for the bargain basement price of ~$5,000) makes me a full time student. Proposal, etc, count as exams, so I need to be registered. :P