Friday, May 13, 2005


I refuse to watch "Kingdom of Heaven". It looks like it may be a movie I'd enjoy, but I refuse to watch a movie that glorifies the crusades. The crusades are one of the many reasons I don't like organized religion.

On NPR this morning they were talking about how Pope Benedict was thinking of skipping the five year waiting period before making Pope John Paul a saint. I find this amusing, because my dad took me to watch him drive by in one of his parades. I guess this'll mean I've seen a real live saint. (Assuming, of course, that I believed in saints.) I wonder if that makes my pope button a holy relic? ;)


kelly said...

You might be surprised. I saw KoH, and didnt think it glorified the Crusades at all. If anything, it showed how greed and lust for power can be destructive, and how understanding your enemy can keep the peace. Of course, it's another Inacurate Romp Through History˜ film, but it was amusing all the same.

Anonymous said...

a "real live saint" huh? Isn't that an oxymoron or something?

noricum said...

Not an oxymoron... I saw him when he was alive, and he's the person being made a saint. Of course, I think most of the "saint" thing is a load of hooey... like the miracles... um, I think I better stop before I offend *too* many people.

Hmmm... interesting comment on KoH. Maybe I'll let myself borrow it from the library... so I'm not encouraging the Inaccurate Romp Through History pushers too much. ;)