Thursday, May 26, 2005

The Best Laid Plans of Mice and Men

...oft go astray. I had intended to be "good" tonight, and wash my dishes and ride my exercise bike. I did wash (most of) my dishes. Maybe I'll make it back on the bike tomorrow.

I did do a few more rows of Weasley. I'm almost done the second ball of yarn. I'm looking forward to starting the third ball: I'll be ripping out my first attempt at the back... it'll be nice to have that tidied up. ;)

I need to go to bed. I was really tired today, and had trouble staying awake for the group meeting, even with my dancing socks there to help. I want to make good progress on my code tomorrow, and also sign my lease on the way in.

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Anonymous said...

It's okay. I didn't go to the gym last night, nor did Andrew go to fencing. We were both just feeling really tired, so we just vegetated around the house instead. I did pay bills, and Mindy came over to bring me some Muffy Vanderbear and Hoppy Vanderhare dolls she's been saying she wanted to give me for a while now. They're really cute bears and hares dressed in Halloween and Christmas costumes. :)