Sunday, May 29, 2005

A Tale of Survival

Tonight we follow the quest of a young scavenger in search of dinner. We find ourself in a small brick building, where our protagonist discovers food in a large white chest, but it is cold and unpalatable. She tries the pantry, but the food there is similarly inedible. Our scavenger decides that the technology called "cooking" must be applied. There are many pots and dishes on the counter, but they are dirty and icky. She considers the white boxes mounted on the walls, but recalls that they are empty of the proper utensils. She tries searching them anyway, on the off chance new ones have grown. They haven't.

Our scavenger realizes she must brave the dreaded: washing the dishes.

She turns to the TeeVee for support, and discovers an appropriately horrible movie, "Titanic," to bolster her resolve to brave the kitchen. The scavenger bolts down some jello to sustain her, but simultaneously creates even *more* dishes. Reluctantly, she starts running the hot water, and approaches the mountain of dirty dishes.

After filling the rinse bucket with hot water, and the sink with hot and soapy water, the scavenger starts off with the least threatening dishes: glasses. These dishes will not let her cook dinner, but the ones she needs are at the bottom of the pile. After the glasses come the bowls and cutlery, along with the tupperware. There is much tupperware, and our protagonist retreats to her home office to check e-mail and renew her strength.

After a brief respite, the scavenger returns to the kitchen. After a colander and a mixing bowl, the pots are finally revealed! She quickly attacks the needed pots. While on a roll, she continues with the plates, which contain the gluey remains of parmesan cheese that had once graced some pasta.

Finally, the dishes are clean, and our scavenger can finally cook her dinner. She puts some water on to boil, and then returns to her trusty computer. (TeeVee is still telling the same bad movie.)

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