Monday, June 30, 2008


I have a *killer* headache. It started somewhere around three, and I don't (currently) have any painkillers in the office. Then my stomach got quite queasy shortly thereafter... I don't know if it was caused by the headache, or if I'm coming down with something. Hopefully I'm not. I just took some "quick release" extra strength Tylenol, so hopefully that'll be quick like it says. Pleeeeeease!

Sunday, June 29, 2008



Does anyone know what kind of spider this is? For scale, it's somewhere around half a centimeter long.

I have a number of them living in my apartment. (This one isn't anymore, though... it was on *me* and then on my desk.)

Saturday, June 28, 2008


I stayed up late, puttering, last night... and subsequently slept *late*.

I just bought a bunch of books from KnitPicks in their 40% off sale. (Slightly guilty glee...)

I'm still in my pajamas, and haven't eaten breakfast. I should go do that... I'm *hungry*!

It's windy out today. They blow-a-plant-off-my-coffee-table windy... although that hasn't happened yet today.

I was going to be going to the Highland Games Festival in Selkirk today with some friends, but they both had to cancel. So I'll be doing laundry and other chores instead.

I think I'll try to patch my jean "quilt" today... it's getting holes in places where I used jean fabric from at the seams. Note to self: don't use those parts any more... they look cool, but wear out fast.

I could probably think of other things to ramble on about, but I'm hungry... so I'll go deal with that now. :)

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Contest Alert!

Click over here and leave a comment for a chance to win a crochet acorn necklace. :)

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Found on Flickr

Knitted Sheep

More sheep! (Can you ever get enough?) I like the one with the black face best, but the aran one is so much fun. :)

Found on Flickr


Cute sheep!

Found on Flickr

Button Sundae

It is! Unexpected things are lots of fun. :)

Found on Flickr

Window Bag

Ooo! I love the funky bag!

Found on Flickr


Adorably unique! I love it! :)

Found on Flickr

Full spread

Neat! A padded, embroidered sketchbook cover. :) I love the design!

To the Spiders in my Apartment

Dear Spiders,

I would like to formally notify you of the ground rules:

1. You are allowed to live and hunt any bugs on the ceiling, but please do not build webs there. Should you decide to build webs, I will sweep them up when I deal with the roaming herds of dust bison.

Snicker! Hee! *snort*

Hey! No comments from the peanut gallery!

Continuing on...

2. You may also live in between the window panes. You will likely enjoy the colony of miniature sow bugs that seem to be living there. But again, no web building.

3. You may live behind the furniture or near the baseboards, but only if I don't see you. If I see you there, or anywhere else you are not allowed, you will be sentenced to death by kleenex. I realize you think you're strong and threatening, but no matter how you rear up for the confrontation, my kleenex and I are much more massive than you, and you don't stand a chance.

4. If you are caught dangling into the bathtub when I shower, you will be washed down the drain without one ounce of regret. (The death-by-kleenex cases I do feel a tiny bit of remorse.)

If you follow these rules, I'm sure we can get along amicably.

The Lady With Many Kleenex Boxes.


*Phew*... I'm now over halfway through marking the midterm. I'm taking a short break, because the intense concentration is hard to keep up. (I'm marking one question at a time, so whether or not I take a break will not affect one group of students versus another.)

It's really nice that the help centre is empty this afternoon, giving me time to mark. I didn't mark last night because I went to a wedding shower (of a friend), and I didn't mark this morning because I was slow getting up. ;) This morning I also took a few moments to put my class notes in order, because I had fallen a bit behind in doing that. I also decided what I'm teaching tomorrow, although I still need to review the material. So I guess this morning wasn't completely filled with slacking. ;)

I'm getting an idea of how I'd like to teach this course should I get another opportunity. (The department administrator mentioned that I may get the chance next summer, but I pointed out that would probably depend on my reviews.)

Monday, June 23, 2008

Shock and Amazement!

It's only 9:10, and I'm done my work for tonight!!! It's not 1:00 am or later! (Well, I'll need to make any corrections H sends me, and I really probably should have had this done yesterday... but still! *Nine* pm!)

I'm ready to collapse into bed, but I need to wait for word from H.

Hmmm... perhaps I can do some catch-up blogging... anyone want to hear about April? ;)


I was pining this morning for some cookies, saying how today was going to be rough, but cookies would make it better... and cookies appeared! Last week I brought in some rhubarb for the wife of another member of the department, and today she sent him in with cookies for me!

Wow... cookies on demand. If only life worked like this everyday. ;)


1 am. Assignment done and posted (without a second read by H! I hope I didn't screw up!), but midterm not done!!!

I'm going to bed anyway, so I can be awake to help my student tomorrow. I'll plot midterm on the bus, there'll be ~2 hours when the student has class... and hopefully the help centre won't be busy. (Gack! If it isn't, the student might be there too!) Noooooo! Hopefully the student will have a class in the afternoon too...

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Found on Flickr


I love basically all of this photographer's work, but this one is especially stunning!!!


I'm hot. I have too much work to do tonight. I have to get up extra early tomorrow to help a student in my class. (I'm not whining about helping a student, but that I have to get up much earlier to do so! He suggested 8:30, and that means I need to be up by 6 am in order to get ready and then take the bus across the city. 6 AM!!! After being up half the night (most likely) creating the next assignment and midterm!!!)

Whine, whine, whine, whine, whine.

Where's my breeze? Can't I at least have my breeze back to cool my apartment off? Whine.


There Goes The Neighbourhood

Dang... they reopened the bridge early, which means I don't get another quiet afternoon and night. :(

They repainted the stripes on the street. They're all pretty and bright now. :)

Summer Has Arrived

Whoa, nelly, summer is definitely here! That sun is *hot*, and who turned the mosquitoes on?!?! Apparently I'm still their favourite food. :(

I took break from teaching homework and went over to plant a few things in my mom's garden (two plants that had been given to my grandma and had stopped blooming, plus a pot of three small amaryllises that we split off the big bulbs). While I was there I pulled a few weeds, fed the mosquitoes, and watered some of the tomatoes and flowers that had been sheltered from yesterday's torrential rain storms. Oh... and I finally got around to turning the compost pile. (I had left it so long, it practically didn't need turning! But then I added some tulip tops that I had pulled to make room for the flowers.)

Well, I suppose now I should create an assignment for my kiddies, then maybe I can squeeze enough time to visit my grandma. After that I still need to create their midterm for Tuesday. *sigh* This is a crazy time of term for me. :(

Found on Flickr

Hand embroidered Birdy Buttons


Found via Flickr

Wow!!! Check out how you can alternate spinning singles and doing the Navajo plying! That's amazing! (Now all you need is the knitting/crocheting thrown in the mix, and you'll always have exactly enough yarn for your project. ;) )

Found on Flickr

Froggie Baby Quilt


Saturday, June 21, 2008


I was about to lay down for a nap when I realized that the rain had stopped, and I remembered that I had said I'd bring the paper in for Dad.

When I stepped out the door, there was a tiny sprinkling... the kind where you debate whether it's worth getting the umbrella wet.

When I got to my mom's (I thought I'd check her mailbox while I was at it, in case any flyers had appeared), it decided to drizzle. I went inside, thought about watching TV or napping there, but then decided it really wasn't raining that much. So I borrowed a ratty old umbrella of mine that was still in the hall closet, and headed out. As it turns out, a very *small* umbrella, even though it doesn't fold that small. But it wasn't raining that much. At my dad's I grabbed the paper (I figured I'd browse it and give it back tomorrow) then headed out. It was raining now, but still not that bad, and I did have the ratty umbrella. A third of the way back to my place, there was a great flash and crack, then the heavens opened up.

Sheesh. It really wasn't a big enough umbrella. Not that having a bigger one would have helped with my sandals, that had to wade through the insta-puddles.

PS: Now that I'm back inside? It's stopped raining, and there's even a brightening of the sky. I think I'll have that nap now...


1. Putting the AC in the kitchen window was the right decision. It's niiiiiiice! (Kinda noisy, but it's not like I'm trying to sleep or anything.

2. The light in my apartment drops considerably when a dark cloud moves overhead.

3. When the light drops in my apartment, and then shortly after my AC starts making "plinking" noises, I shouldn't panic. It's not the AC dying, it's rain.

4. It's now uncomfortably warm and *humid* in my apartment. But it could be worse... I could be living in NC.

5. I now have clean dishes again. :) And wrinkly fingers.

I am such a wuss...

I am such a wuss... a measly 24C, and I'm asking myself if the dishes *really* need washing (the answer is yes, I haven't done dishes since *last* weekend), or if I can wash them in cold water (no). Sheesh.

I've closed the kitchen door and started the AC, to see if I can make it somewhat easier to motivate myself. :P


Hot! What I wouldn't give for that strong breeze that normally blows through my apartment! (Why is it that the hot days are also relatively calm? Sheesh! How's my "free air conditioning" supposed to work without the wind?!?)

Friday, June 20, 2008

Found on Flickr



Found on Flickr

glass plaque bird

I *love* fused glass... so pretty and colourful... but wait!?! This is made completely out of *clear* glass! Wow... doing something like that never would have occurred to me! It's *still* awesome! So, then, what exactly is it that attracts me to fused glass? ;)

Found on Flickr

Unglazed Pine Cone Buttons

I'm on a real button kick lately... aren't these ones awesome? Wouldn't they look great on a natural coloured, earthy cardigan?

Found on Flickr

Orangutan with yarns

The photo is a bit fuzzy & yellow from indoor lighting... but isn't this orangutan-in-progress cute? I love how the fun fur looks so realistic! (Well, from my fuzzy recollection of what orangutans look like.)

Found on Flickr

"Sea to Sky": made in Canada - unlike the 2010 Olympics. Is someone going to sue me?

I *love* this fiber-artist's work!

Found on Flickr

Wool Camel


Found on Flickr

kurdele işi lavanta kesesi

Wow! I'm amazed at how realistic those irises look, with just a few stitches in ribbon embroidery! I want to learn how to do that some day... but I'm too cheap to buy the kits. ;)

Found on Flickr

Top of quilt

Whoa... funky awesome! I love the illusion. :) (Although I'd probably find it too bold/mindbending to use on my own bed... perhaps in less contrasting colours?)

Found on Flickr

Hearts for Hazel, finished!


Dear TV

Dear TV,

When I press the button labelled "power" (on either the remote or on your box), that means I would like you to turn on. Not only that, but I would like you to turn on immediately. Not thirty seconds from now. Not five minutes from now. Immediately. (I'm okay if it takes you a few seconds to get your picture fully going, but please give me some indication that you are trying to wake up.)

This guessing game you play with me, where I wonder if perhaps you didn't understand me, and I start pressing the buttons again, and then I wonder if you're in the process of turning on, or if you received the signal an even number of times, and therefore think you are supposed to stay off? This game is not fun for me. Especially when I want to try to catch the last few minutes of the news. When there is only ten minutes of news left is *really* not the time for you to play these games with me. Taking five minutes to turn on when there is ten minutes of news left is really frustrating for me.

I realize that you feel neglected, and that you probably enjoy my touch, when I try stroking you to find that magic place where the static electricity seems to convince you that it really is time to come on, but that magic place is getting much harder to find. (It doesn't help that it's unpredictable. I only managed to find it today when I noticed the screen was dirty, and wiped it off. It turns out that today the magic spot was your screen.)

Please stop toying with me. Is it getting time for us to end our relationship? Our time together has been so brief! I would like a lasting relationship with a piece of electronics. My last TV left me after only about a month. Am I cursed? Or had you both been too badly abused in your previous relationships? Is it just that your times were/are up? Perhaps I should simply stop dating older TVs? It seems a shame to pick up a brand new set when when you older, still functioning sets keep falling in my laps. A new set is so expensive, too, whereas you older models are simply content to have a warm end table to call home.

Perhaps that's the problem? Do you feel neglected, and under-appreciated? If I spent some money on you, would you feel better? If you can give me some indication that you'd like a lasting relationship, I'll buy you a new remote... clean, probably colorful, and nowhere near as finicky as your current one. Would that make you happier? Do you not like it when I push your buttons myself? Do I push your buttons too often?

Please let me know your decision.

Yours (for now),

PS: What were you trying to tell me the other day, when you were flickering blue? Or was that the antenna trying to communicate?

Silence Descends

I'll have a nice, quiet weekend here this weekend, as the moderately busy street my apartment is located on becomes abandoned: the bridge it leads to is closed from now until Monday at 6 am.

I now get to enjoy birdsong instead of traffic noise. Ahhhhhh!

(It's amazing how much noise the windows manage to block when they're closed... but they're not closed in the summer.)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Found on Flickr


Cool quilt! And there's a contest to win it too! Click here and post a comment to enter.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


I had a blast knitting with my peeps, but, subsequently, didn't get nearly enough done this weekend. (And, instead of doing it now or going to bed, what am I doing? Okay... this is my last post before bed.)

Due to threat of rain, we parked ourselves in the Pit at the U of M... instead of pitting our wills against nature in the park. However, I got to help a student relax before her exam, and we sent away a new knitter with her very first swatch, a pair of needles, and a ball of yarn!
Brand New Knitter (and Swatchy)
I taught her the knitted cast on, knitting, and a cast off... and told her how to contact me for more. ;) She was definitely a fast learner.

Some quick photos of everyone:
I say... it was rather fun freaking out the muggles. ;)

Oooo... and I won the grand prize in the door prize draw! I won a *gorgeous* Fiber Trends kit. (I apparently haven't taken a photo yet, and I'm not going to now... I need to go to bed.) It's for the Maid Marian Vest, which I just finished making (yeah, no photos blogged yet), so I think I'll make a different pattern of my own design, but probably still a vest. The kit was donated by Mona from Wolseley Wardrobe. Thanks Mona!!!!

Breaking News...

*gasp*!!! My father has cleaned something! Look... an end table with no clutter:
*Gasp*!  No Clutter!  And Clean!
I think he even cleaned the glass!

Brother mine, he fixed the leg!!!:

For those who are in a state of shock, and are wondering if there might be pigs flying somewhere, take a deep breath, and be reassured by the following photo:
(Click for biggy view to see the text on the envelope. It says "Clutter".)


Hey, I thought linen was supposed to last longer than this?!?
(When did I finish this anyway? ...Looking at my list of FO's... Hey! It was just back in January!) Well, I always thought I should have knit it at a tighter gauge.
Looks like I'll be knitting another hand towel. (And, um... where did my store-bought hand towels go? I guess I'll have to make do with a small bath towel for now...)




I finally managed to find a neighbour who know how to take the screen out at a time I wasn't crazy-busy or exhausted or on my way somewhere.

I've put it in the kitchen, since this is a not-quiet one I got from my mom, who had ductless a/c installed, and thus shouldn't need window a/c any more. It's not as loud as the other one, but not as quiet as the LG one we put (pretty permanently) in the basement bedroom last summer. If I can't keep my whole apartment cool with just this one and some fans, I'll buy an LG one for my bedroom. (The bedroom and the kitchen are marked as being on separate circuits.)

So... now that I have this installed, either the whole summer will be cold (or at least nicely cool at night so that I don't need the a/c), or way hotter than this unit can handle. Winnipeg: I'm sorry for whatever wacky weather Murphy and I cooked up.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

In The Neighbourhood

Living on the third story of a building on a moderately busy street, I sure do get to watch a bunch of stuff.

Just now, I saw someone walking down the back lane, wearing dark clothing and flicking a lighter. (The zippo kind, that makes that metallic clink.) Given that there have been people breaking into cars, and tagging buildings... someone flicking a lighter made me rather nervous. So I called the non-emergency police line, told them what I saw, and suggested that if they had a patrol car making rounds in the area, that they might want to do a sweep through here. It could be nothing, but I would rather call *before* something went up in flames, rather than after.

A few days ago I saw a fire truck and ambulance arrive, and the first responders rush into the building next door. A while later, they wheeled out someone on a stretcher. I think (s)he as still alive, since (s)he had an IV hooked up. I'm guessing heart-attack, since one of the responders was carrying something that looked like a portable. The person looked old, and very pale.

Today I noticed that someone was moving out of the building next door. In the trash, I noticed a cheap "painting" like you'd expect to see in an old person's home. I'm guessing that, since the middle of the month isn't a normal time to move, that this is related to the ambulance visit from a few days ago. I'm guessing that either the person didn't make it, or they're moving into assisted living.

Note: a police car just zipped down the back lane. Nice to know they care. :) (Uh... but they went the wrong way!)

Other things spotted recently:
• A service van that blocked off two lanes of traffic so that it could send someone (or something) down a manhole... I think to inspect the traffic light camera.
• Really backed up traffic... I think an accident on the bridge.
• A car accident... looks like a case of whip-lash, and a back bumper that needs replacing.
• A small set of *very* suspicious looking plants in my neighbour's window. (Dad told me to call Crime Stoppers on that one, but not to report it to my landlord... the plants have since disappeared from the window sill.) And my landlord mentioned that someone else saw something that looked like joint butts in the hall. Whee.
• City workers removing a set of no-parking / loading zone signs.

I think I may have heard the accident that put my building's caretaker out of commission for six weeks (the first of which was spent in the hospital). I do know I heard a screech and a thud, and saw cars having to change lanes to avoid the accident, but the accident itself was blocked from view.

I have four channels of 24-hour reality TV: kitchen, living room, bedroom, and office (windows). (There's the bathroom window too, but you have to stand in the tub to look out, and you can only really see the wall of the brick building next door.) The programming is generally pretty boring, and you need a lot of imagination and guesswork to follow the plot, but the reception is excellent. Much better than the antenna on my TV gives me. (Clarity would be improved if I didn't have to look through screens... but this is Winnipeg. I'd much rather keep the mosquitoes *outside*.)

I got a call from the cops. They checked the area out, and couldn't find anyone that didn't check out, but they thought that I was right to call.

Well, it's way past my bedtime, so I'm going to stop rambling and go to bed.

Friday, June 13, 2008


If you read this, if your eyes are passing over this right now, even if we don't speak often, please post a comment with a memory of you and me. It can be anything you want -- good or bad. When you're finished, post this little paragraph on your blog and be surprised (or mortified) about what people remember about you.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Allergy Speculation...

Continuing this thread, it looks like I could have 108 reasons to be allergic to vinyl shower curtains. (Thank goodness I have sliding doors currently. Although I kind of miss the cotton one I made back in Chapel Hill... it was pretty.)

Found on Flickr

Beacon front

Oooo... I love the design, both the piecing and the quilting!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Found on Flickr

What neat details... I like the way the nose was embroidered, and the hair is great!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Spindle Lust

After seeing and blogging this spindle, and then having so much fun spindle spinning this past weekend (my drafting has improved a lot, making it a lot more fun)... I am greedily eyeing those Golding spindles. I discovered that the one pictured above is called "Antiqued Rosette", is walnut with an inlaid bronze alloy ring, weighs 1.0 oz, and can be bought directly for $67 here. However, while browsing, I also discovered this one, the "Art Nouveau Filigree" with finely scrolled walnut whorl and inlaid bronze alloy ring, 1.6 oz, $97.00.

I do *not* need to spend $164 on two spindles. Right? No matter how much the government gave me on my taxes, to bribe me for a vote? (They didn't call it that, but it sure feels like it.)

*sigh* I will be good... but... *drool*

Monday, June 09, 2008

Allergy Speculation...

Hmmm... I just read an interesting CBC article on phthalates, and it turns out they're in a number of products (like PVC, perfume, etc) that I'm allergic to. Could the phthalates be what is causing my reaction? If so, this may be a clue when I have to track down a new shampoo (another product that phthalates can show up in). Interesting.

Found on Flickr

Oak Leaf Bookmark

Absolutely gorgeous!

Found on Flickr


I still love these bags. :)

Found on Flickr


What a great interpretation of the American flag!

Found on Flickr

Molehill Mouse from each side


Found on Flickr

Work in progress


Found on Flickr

Winter 2009


Found on Flickr

Meringue Blanc - Elegant Knit Cotton Blend Scarf

I love the design for this scarf. It looks so elegant in white, too. :)

Found on Flickr


Oooo... cool (and cute!) diz!


I hope to post my Saturday adventure with lamby adorableness soon... but for now, check out Swatchy's post. More photos of adorable Princess to come, plus more.

Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Found on Flickr

Sculpted Wool Stone Pincushion

Love it! The funky colours are great, and even with the crazy colours, it really does look like a stone. :)

Found on Flickr

sand dollar pillow

Oooo... lovely!

Not A Contest Alert!

They're not contests, but Sara of Crochet All Day is running a "Summer of Giving"! First to e-mail their interest gets the stuff, so keep checking back. :) (Plus, she's a nice person, and loves comments... so leave her a comment while you're there!)

PS: Knitters, there's stuff there for you too.

Found on Flickr

It's a pomegranate!!


Found on Flickr

Close-up of roses

So sweet! I need to learn how to embroider those sweet little roses. Definitely. :) (Unsuccessfully trying to repress urges to be all girly and pink...)

Found on Flickr

Charlie the Chickadee

Cute! Check out the other neat bird pins too!

Found on Flickr


Ooooooo! One of these days I'm going to buy myself a Golding spindle. Isn't this one *gorgeous*?!! I love the photo, with the delicate apple blossoms, too!

Found on Flickr

hear no 2

So cute!!!

Found on Flickr

leopold the lion

So adorable and funky! I love that there's a fun background for this little fellow's photo shoot, rather than it just being plopped on a desk or something. (My backgrounds are always so lame when I take photos...)

Found on Flickr

Wooly brooches

Gorgeous! I love the gently shading colours with the coordinating machine stitching on top. :)

Found on Flickr

Crochet Carnation Coral

Pretty! A very nice example of the hyperbolic crochet coral. :)