Monday, April 30, 2012

I suspect I might be part cat...

...given how much I *love* the cardboard box in this painting I'm working on:

Monday, April 23, 2012

Asia In A Box

I started a new kitty painting tonight:
Unless I finish her really quickly, this is the painting I'll be working on at the art show on the Sunday afternoon.

It's based on my own photo (of someone else's cat):

Oh, and I photographed my penguins properly, and cropped and cleaned up the image:
I've also got them in a frame now:
Given that I'm probably not going to be printing new cards this time (mom's laser is in the shop being cleaned, and they don't print as well on my inkjet), I may actually be ready for the show! (Or I might make some magnets of the penguins... those print well on my inkjet. Plus I need to make labels. Maybe I'm not ready for the show.)

I feel like I don't want to overprice my penguins, but I also don't really want them to sell... I'd like to enjoy them for a bit first.

Monday, April 09, 2012


I finished my Adélie penguins tonight:

At first I wasn't happy with the background. Working on it a bit, it got better. Then a bit more, and it got worse. Finally I got it to a point where I am reasonably happy with it.

Now to take a proper photo (in daylight), plus matting and framing. (The framers I buy from have an open house next Monday, so I'll get all the bits then.)

For those who are interested, the art show is coming up in May!
More info. I'll be running credit cards Friday night, and painting for people to watch on Sunday.