Monday, January 21, 2013

Art Workshop

Saturday I participated in a workshop on acrylic mediums. I had fun! This is how far I got by the end:
(If you're thinking this looks vaguely familiar, yes... I'm painting the starfish again.)

I left the painting at the club so that I didn't mess up the modelling compound on the way home. Today I went back to the club to work on it some more. Whoops! Turns out modelling compound will crack:
(My mom's was cracked too. I blame the dry air... probably if I had wrapped it in plastic so that it cured more slowly that would have reduced the cracking.)

I decided to carve it anyway, and then patch up the cracks that were left after carving. I only got about two-thirds of the way through the carving tonight, though, so the patching will have to wait:

Stuff used: modelling paste, gel medium, sand, cotton from cotton balls, wool, tar gel, and gesso.

I think it's going to turn out *awesome*. :)

One of the local art supply stores has a sale on now... I'm thinking of going and picking up some more mediums. (Tar gel... I was borrowing my mom's, maybe string gel, and I'll see what else they have. The GAC stuff sounds interesting too.)