Sunday, May 29, 2005




...zzz *snort* wha? huh? who? must have dreamt that funny sound... mumble...


WHA? I didn't dream that!

...get up and peek out window... no one at my door, no people with funny equipment... must be my neighbours making strange sounds in their apartment.

...back to bed... mmmmm :)

Now that I'm up, I heard that strange noise in the back. Hm. Must be a woodpecker, or something.


Daph said...

That was too funny, LOL!

Incidentally, I'm reading this book right now that's set in Chapel Hill, NC. I did a double take and thought, "I know someone that lives there FOR REAL!" lol

noricum said...

Hey, neat! There are lots of authors around here, so that doesn't surprise me too much.

I remember back in grade school I read a book set in a German city I had never heard of. Then, while on my exchange trip in high school, a train I was on stopped at that city. Wacky!