Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Interesting Life

Wow... I lead an interesting life. There's a chance I may be flying to the Boston area this weekend... my cousin's kid's school was doing an event on Saturday that included an origami demo, but the woman had to cancel. She asked if I knew of any other origami women in the area... I told her I'd e-mail my (guy) friend in Boston to see if he had any ideas, and jokingly said I'd do it if someone wanted to pay for the ticket. She's actually trying to see if she can find a cheap ticket!!!

It'll be really cool to see my family again, and origami demos are fun. I should find out what age group, and what sort of demo they'd like. (Assuming she finds a ticket.) I wonder if my MIT friend would like me to stop by too?

And yes, I know it's Tuesday... but as I said, this is my blog, and I'll do what I want. ;)

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