Monday, May 09, 2005


You know, some days it kind of sucks being me. I realize things could be worse... after all, I can afford my groceries, I live in a relatively nice place, I have friends and family who love me, I don't have any diseases that are trying to kill me (at least, not at the moment... make my life miserable, maybe, but not actually killing me). But, today I feel kind of like a canary in a coal mine.

I've closed up the windows now, because I wasn't sure how much pollen was sneaking through the tea towels. My eyes are swollen and sore, my nose is itchy/sneezy/stuffed/etc, my mouth is kind of itchy, and I've been chewing on my tongue...

I wasn't feeling snowflakey tonight (just flakey), but I was feeling like working on socks... so Josie, your socks now have a heel and a half. I've got two doctor's appointments tomorrow (derm & reg), so there's a good chance I'll come very close to finishing them off.

I haven't mailed Alison's blue socks yet. I just wasn't feeling like going to the post office this morning, I'm out of the right size envelopes, and I still need to work in those two ends and write down where I made the increases, etc. (I want to do similar ones on the cream socks.)

I did do my dishes. And cook a real meal. Although I did try consoling myself with an unlimited number of chocolate chip cookies. Unfortunately, chocolate chip cookies don't seem to have any anti-allergy effects... no matter how many I ate. (I think I must have had somewhere around six... definitely not good for my waistline... but I'll worry about that later.)

Well, I'm going to go have a shower before bed, to see if that helps any.



pfirsch said...

I feel bad reading about you suffering from allergies and making my socks in the same post. It feels almost like I'm the cause of your troubles.

I wish you pollen free days.

noricum said...

I'm sorry I unintentionally made you feel that way Josie. :( You are not the cause of my troubles. ;) I was just feeling whiney last night.

Anonymous said...

awwww, I'm so sorry about you + your allergies. :( I know how they can totally wreck days and days. :( Spring in NC is gorgeous, and you can't really experience it.