Sunday, May 15, 2005

Crummy Title

I seem to be having problems coming up with interesting post titles lately... oh well, that's life.

It's been a while since I posted a photo of my Weasley progress, so here's it's current state.
Weasley sweater progress
The hem rolls nicely, so I used the spare knitting needle to hold the bottom flat so that you could tell the full length. The sides also like to curl behind, but you can tell the width from the hem at the bottom. The yarn ends coming out on the right mark where I started the second ball. I'm guessing I'm about halfway through the second ball, but it's really hard to tell with this yarn... it seems to go forever, and then suddenly runs out. Squeezing the ball to see how full it is isn't terribly helpful either, since they start out feeling rather hollow. Bizarre.

The socks on top are "socka cream" for Alison. Note that both socks now have heels. :) They are now in my little travelling project bag, ready to be my bus crocheting for this week. (Or, at least until they're done.)

I have been good and haven't started my Dancing socks yet. I must admit I was *sorely* tempted several times today. However, I also really want to keep my WIP/UFO count down to single digits. ;) It won't be *that* long until socka cream is done. (Yes, Alison, there's hope you'll see them again soon!)

I've been forgiven for handing in my review 17.5 hours late... at least, that's what the e-mail said. I'm happy. :) I hate disappointing people. Even though I seem to be doing that a lot lately. *sigh* I'm hoping that now my depression is pretty much under control that I can remember how to be a good student again. It basically comes down to regaining my discipline. That, and not letting guilt of past failures bog me down.

This is starting to be a glum post, and it's time for bed. Good night! (I'll just catch up on a few more blogs before bed.)

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