Saturday, May 28, 2005


Star Wars 3 is indeed better than the previous one, and ties up all the story lines marvelously! I hadn't realized Frank Oz was still around... I like the puppet yoda better than the animated one, though. R2D2 is my hero, though!

Hmmm... must make a R2D2 ornament for my tree... need white yarn. Anyone have a small amount of plain white yarn they don't need? I've got cream, but not white. I'll keep my eyes open for some white yarn on sale... I don't need much, and it's not something I'll likely use again any time soon. ...unless... I could buy wool, and then make a felted bunny with the remainder... that would be fun! Knit Picks looks to have some Wool of the Andes that's pretty close to white... I wonder just how close it is?

Progress is moving along on Weasley and Dancing. Not enough to justify new pictures yet, though. ;)

I came up with a neat trick for knitting: how to tell if I have enough yarn left for one more row. (I don't like starting a new ball mid-row.) When I'm nearing the end of the ball of yarn, there are two states I recognize: (1) definitely enough for more than one row, (2) no idea if there's enough left for one row. Before I reach state 2, but after the yarn reaches a manageable length, I find the midpoint of the remaining yarn, and mark it with a slip knot. I then knit the next row. If I haven't encountered the knot by the end of the row, I have enough yarn left for another row. (If there's still a lot of yarn, I repeat the trick.)


Anonymous said...

two things: i have some white yarn, but it's baby yarn, so it has those glimmery/shiny bits in it... you're welcome to it. it's probably a light worsted weight acrylic (i think it's some LB baby yarn).

as for the knitting -- one trick I learned is that if you know how many stitches are in a row, you can wrap your yarn around the needle as many times as stitches you need to make and that approximates how much yarn you need to knit/purl that row. sounds like your method works just as well though!! :)

Anonymous said...

re koigu: yep, I know it's hand-dyed. But my mom's LYS (about 20 miles from here) somehow keeps a ton of koigu around (maybe they just ordered a whole lot more than most places or something). I just wish local places would order the solid colors; seems like no one did and I was trying to avoid ordering online.

noricum said...

Hmmm... R2 is shiny, sort of, so that may work. I'll send you an e-mail.

I've tried that wrapping trick, but it's a bit of a pain to wrap 100 times. ;)

About the Koigu, I'm guessing some places got on the list before they got overloaded, and the new places are out of luck. No clue.