Wednesday, May 25, 2005


I want this.

No, I haven't a clue how to do multiple colour knitting. When will that stop me? ;)

(This is a reminder for myself... but I must reduce my stash and WIPs first. That, and increase the bank account... poor, wimpy bank account.)

Hmmm... I wonder if the library has it...


Anonymous said...


A lot of the Baltic countries do similar sorts of things. I saw a book with patterns from Latvia? (one of those) at the Chapel Hill Public Library recently. There's nothing very hard about two-color knitting. Show you next time you turn up on Tuesday evening. Good for you for dissertating and getting the bug out.


noricum said...

Hi Margaret! I may come out one day if I feel like hiking the whole way home... ;) Nice hearing from you! Did you notice the sock pattern link I added in the sidebar?

I know the Baltic countries do similar stuff... I particularly like the colour gradations & combinations used in these patterns. I may try designing my own, since it's much cheaper than paying ~$40 for this book. ;)

I think I have a website bookmarked that explains two colour knitting... I'll need it when I get to the "H" on my Weasley. ;)

See you around. :)

Anonymous said...

Hello, again,

You'll be pleased to know that I have one and a half sock fronts. Perfect thing to do to abate the Sunday blues. For my next act, the heels.


noricum said...

mlm: Is that you, Margaret?

Cool! Socks are fun. :)