Saturday, May 21, 2005

No Strings Attached

I just found out that my cousin has wireless in her house! I can compute using my laptop!!! (Of course, this is risky in this household... one of my cousin's kids just tried to put scotch tape on my monitor. No harm done... neither to my precious, nor to the evil kid in a two minute time out.)

Why is it that kids think they can tell when two minutes have passed? (And after only about two seconds?)

The museum was kind of fun. It's just a tiny little museum, and there weren't many people, but I built a snub cube with the help of some others. Everyone was (overly) impressed with my origami, and the organizer wants me to leave her some for a display. I will, but after I do show & tell at my cousin's kid's school.

I'll report more later. My cuz and I are having fun with the wireless. (We both have laptops.)

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Daph said...

Yaay for wireless (don't you LOVE it??)! Yeah, the kids aren't allowed anywhere NEAR my laptop, on penalty of death. I feel you, sister.