Saturday, May 21, 2005


Here's my morning in pictures.

I gave my origami demonstration at the Women at Work museum:
women at work museum
(Obligatory sock is hiding in backpack, and hands are too full of paper, origami books, and camera to coax sock out.)

Here's me at work:

Don't you wish you had my job? With help from a few interested participants, I'm constructing a snub cube out of Tomoko Fuse's modified unit. Note my nifty "science" t-shirt. I go all out for these events. I think this is the first time that I was a museum exhibit. Of course, it was only a teeny-tiny museum. I'm not afraid to start at the bottom, though. ;)

Here's the snub cube entertaining a museum attendee:
origami snub cube

If anyone is curious, here's my cousin and her spouse:

and my cousin's rugrats:

The upper head belongs to the innocent-seeming, evil tape monster.

And, on this lovely spring day, here's an iris from my cousin's garden:


Anonymous said...

What are you referring to with the "obligatory sock" comment? I'm clueless.

noricum said...

It's a knitblog thing... it seems that all the photos like that on knitblogs have a sock-in-progress in the photo. I think the Yarn Harlot started the recent trend with her book tour. ;)

Anonymous said...

You know....I used to be quite the science geek. But now? All I could think of while looking at your snub cube (very cool name, by the way) was what great summer colors and they would look smashing knit in a cotton tank!

Ok - just shoot me now.

PS. I'm really kinda glad you didn't show a sock - I'd have to shoot *you*. ;)

noricum said...

They would make a rather nice cotton tank! The paper is 24 lb "Astrobrights" from some office supply store... but I doubt the office supply store stocks matching yarn. ;)

You're tired of the travelling socks, I take it? ;)

Anonymous said...

actually, I think stephanie got it from claudia... I think she said as much in her first sock picture. :)

Anonymous said...

"You're tired of the travelling socks, I take it? ;)"

Hehehe....You'll never get me to admit it. ;)

noricum said...

That makes sense... it looks like Claudia's socks have been some neat places!

Anonymous said...

Was that in Roxboro or Roxbury that you gave a demonstration? (I'm from Boston...immigrated to Canada...I'm here for a marriage, not a degree ;-)) The origami is awesome, really fun. I have made jack in the boxes with origami, but haven't thought of modeling mathematical concepts to the degree that you did. Coooool :-) (I am, however, in the process of crocheting a hyperbolic plane. Yes, just because it's cool and I can. G'head, shoot me now. :-))