Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Weasley Wabbit!

Or was that wascally wabbit? Whatever. Weasley seems to be zipping along, and I now have about 46cm done on the back. It's looking quite long! (I think I'm supposed to do 60-some... I should dig the pattern out...)

I started the Dancing socks, too. I felt it was okay (even with my UFO pledge) since I got the secret project done. I'm not bored with the socks I would have worked on (the easter egg socks), but I really wanted to see what pattern I would get with the Dancing socks. The pattern isn't the same as in the knitpicks catalog... obviously, since I'm crocheting rather than knitting, but I am getting an interesting spiral pattern. Well, it was a spiral pattern, but now the stripe is going straight up, or possibly reversing! The stripe direction really depends on the tension I keep on the yarn, and it's hard to keep the same tension with the elastic. But that's okay... the "wood grain" striping is kind of neat. ;) (Hmmm... now who's blog did I see wood grain striped socks on? Was it Julie, Jess, or someone else...?)

Question: Deneen reported that flickr is messing up my blog... she's on dial-up, and now she can't comment... it gives her some sort of "downloading flickr" message. I'm going to test this myself after I write this post, but I'm wondering if anyone else is having the same problem. If you are, can you e-mail me with details? (What browser, OS, etc...) Thanks!

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Pam said...

I had a similar striping issue with the crochet socks I did. I set them down for a few days and the gauge went a little bit wonky and suddenly stripes where there were none before. There's a picture of this phemomenom on my blog (somewhere in the past month I think).