Monday, November 12, 2007


1. I woke up early this morning to an incredible pain in my elbow. I was able to fall back asleep eventually, and it hurts considerably less now (I can actually use my right arm). I don't know if it was from spinning yesterday, or from sleeping in a strange position. (I did wake up shortly before and it had fallen asleep.) Is there such a thing as "spinner's elbow"? (I still want a spinning wheel, though.)

2. My friend who lost everything in the fire is being charged for her cable modem. Time Warner Cable is *evil*. EVIL, I say! I say she should scoop up a box of ashes and "return" it to TWC. (Assuming the site hasn't been bulldozed by now.)

3. Bloglines is being a pain in the tush, and not marking things as read. It's marking some things, but not others. (Aaaargh.) I've tried quitting and restarting my browser, but it hasn't helped. Update: The Plumber visited for a bit, and it works again. Yay!

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