Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Guess What Followed Me Home?

Meet Snoopy:
Snoopy loves me, and I am her favouritest person in the whole wide world, because I pet her and scritched her ears, and because she is the most loving, generous dog in the world. Of course, she probably forgot all about me and went back to loving her real owner once I left Rovings. No, Snoopy did not follow me home. This did:
Me, Spinning Me, Spinning Me, Spinning Me, Spinning
(Action shots taken by my brother on my mom's camera.)
Australian Windwheel Australian Windwheel
I spun up all of the rescued mystery roving:

Yep, the free Australian Windwheel followed me home. :) I am one lucky duck!

I'm not so sure about the extra bobbins though... they all look different than the ones on the wheel currently. Two of the four need glue, and one is missing a whorl altogether. Francine commented that they look like Ashford bobbins. (The one missing a part appears to be a jumbo bobbin, and I think it'll be too big to fit on the wheel. Maybe the whorl was removed to make it fit?) At any rate, I know the bobbin *on* the wheel works. And the wheel works too, but it is indeed a bit odd... pretty much the only way I can get it to start is by tugging on the drive band. However, it is fairly small, and the price is certainly right! (I think I'll probably still save up for a lendrum too... but the wait will be much easier now!)

There is a debate going on in the house over the new wheel... is the "wind" in "windwheel" "wind" as in "wind in the willows" or "wind" as in "I need to wind the yarn off the bobbin"? Any guesses? We have 1000 free minutes per month on the phone plan for some countries, including Australia, so there may be a phone call to get the answer. ;)


Bron said...

Congrats! You look like you're having so much fun with your new (free!) wheel. :)

Vik said...

Congratulations Andrea! The wheel looks fantastic!
PS: Snoopy is so cute, look at him...

Deneen said...

Yay for you! I should really drag my wheel downstairs once the holidays are over...sigh

Kelli said...

I'd bet it's wind with a long i as in "winding yarn." That's my guess anyway. Soooo happy that you got the free wheel!

jess said...

woohoo! lucky you! you look so happy!

[you know that's an Ettrick, right? ]

it's definitely wind like "wind the yarn."

Knittah said...

Happy dance!

Dianne said...

Congratulations! Love the new wheel. (Snoopy is pretty great, too!) It is probably "wind" as in "winding yarn", but I prefer "wind" as in "now I can spin yarn as fast as the wind"!!!

Kelli said...

Oh - and Snoopy is so cute! See, *that's* why you need a dog (someday). They are such wonderful companions, and, I promise, they take away the loneliness. At least mine do.

Светлана Узких said...

Andrea! :)
You looks with this new wheel like a ... russian girl from russian old tales. (only without russian sarafan)

Congratulations! :)

noricum said...

Wow, what a gorgeous picture!