Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Tonight I managed to forget my watercolour paints at home (they weren't in my art bag because they need to be flat while they dry after use), so I didn't work on the headless painting of Sandra. Instead I painted my spindle, and worked on an acrylic painting I can't show you.

The spindle is one that Jess gave me to learn to spin with, and I will be passing along to a new student. I feel that this spindle is meant to go from person to person, encouraging new people to learn spinning and spread the craft. However, the eager new student is quite young (six), and so I thought she might appreciate a "pretty" spindle. This spindle is one that can withstand any potential abuse it might suffer at the hands of a six-year-old, but is rather plain. I jazzed it up a wee bit:
Painted Spindle Whorl
What do you think? If you were six, and had seen the sights at Rhinebeck, would you love it or be disappointed? Half the hearts have a pearlescent (sparkly) medium applied, the other half are outlined in gold. I also added a gold ring just inside the hearts. I didn't do anything too complicated, because for some reason I was finding even the hearts a challenge.

I'd dearly love to show you my painting-in-progress (it looks cool already!), but it's a surprise for someone, and I know they'll know it's for them if they see it here. I made a surprising amount of progress on it... I sketched it, painted the background, and also the underpainting of the main subject. It looks like a cool semi-abstract as it is, and I'm almost tempted to leave it. I don't think I will, though. However, I also don't think it'll take much top-painting to call it "finished".

Before and after going to the club, I also managed to weave in the ends on five of the ten washcloths that have their ends poking out. :) (Hmmm... do I bring the washcloths, or Durrow, to knitting night tomorrow? Perhaps both. It'll be nice to have the washcloths "done-done" and put away, but they shouldn't take the whole night, so then I can enjoy Durrow. :) )


handknitbyafailedfeminist said...

I can tell you as the mom of that six year old, she is going to explode with joy! We order her some super girly hand dyed roving from etsy and we have been studying the how to web site! The spindle looks adorable.

jess said...

I agree with you on the spindle, so I'm glad it's going to a new person! I think the paint job is nice! :)

noricum said...

Yay! Thanks. :)