Friday, November 02, 2007


Tonight I wound the singles into a center-pull ball:
Singles on Nostepinne
then plied them into ~154 yards of two-ply yarn:
Handspun Skein
I haven't set the twist yet. This was spun from 60 g of Spritely Goods "Wild Blueberry" merino firestar blend. This was my souvanir yarn from Tempe, AZ.

Next up: superwash merino "grotto" from A Piece of Vermont. I want to try spinning two-ply sock yarn! (I expect this to take a very long time!)


Knitting Mama said...

I like the color!

Pam said...

Hey! I remember that batt! :-) Nice job with the spinning.

Kristen said...

Your center-pull ball and plied cop are magnificently symmetrical and neat.

noricum said...

Thank you. :)