Friday, November 23, 2007

Carded, Spun, Wound and Plied

Handspun and Tools

I carded the colonial wool and angora together, formed rolags, spun singles, wound the singles into a center-pull ball, and then plied the yarn as a two-ply. Kinda cool. ;)

Either my carding needs some work, or the angora rabbit fur is tricky due to being shorn (rather than plucked, and also has some second cuts) or the dandruff... I keep getting rather "rustic" looking yarn.

The yarn is soaking now. I'm going to make a little sweater ornament out of it. (Yeah, Kelli, I'm not keeping this one secret... but I've sent you other secret stuff in the recent past, so I feel it's okay that I'm being less secret on this one. ;) And this way you also get to watch the process.)

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