Friday, November 23, 2007

The Apartment

Okay, the last post I think I need to do to tell you way too much about my crazy weekend is about the apartment. ;)

Oooo... I just talked to my dad (10 pm Monday night), and a friend of his is selling his farm and so is getting rid of all his furniture and appliances. I think I've just furnished my apartment! For free! (Dad's going to try to get it for free because he's done a lot of work for his friend.) Am I one lucky duck or what!?! (Couch with hide-a-bed, kitchen table and chairs, TV... I hadn't planned on getting a TV right away, but I'm not going to refuse a free one! Looks like I'll need some rabbit ears again.)

Well, back to last Saturday.

(Note: It is now Friday. I started this post on Monday. Do you think perhaps I don't feel like writing this post?)

Okay, now really back to last Saturday. (Preferably before it's Saturday again.)

Saturday morning I was on my way out the door to go to the art show when the phone rang. It was M (my hothothot landlord-to-be) wanting to know if I wanted the apartment held, because he's getting phone calls.

My non-verbal response? "AAAAACK!"

Now, he was asking a simple question. My answer, however, meant making a potentially serious, life-altering decision. I can't go from "I will be handling the credit card purchases at the art show" to "what will my future be" that fast... especially when I'm already flustered by the fact that I'm talking on the phone. (I believe I have a mild phone phobia. I've always hated talking on phones, especially to strangers.)

My verbal response: "Can I have until tonight to decide?"
M: "Not a problem."

Frankly, I had given myself a reprieve on thinking about the apartment, since my weekend was so busy. I had decided that I would give myself until this week to internalize the shock of "OMG, my life is changing" and decide if this is what I wanted to do. I wanted to be able to think about it rationally. I need *time* to do things like this! Well, my time was up. I had that day to decide.

Since this post is already several days overdue, I'll just summarize the rest: after I got home, I called everyone I could think of to get advice. What would they do. Was my logic reasonable. What were other people paying for rent? I needed emotional support.

I decided to take it. I went up to tell my folks. Even though I was okay with my decision, for some reason I was bawling my eyes out too. I had to stop crying before I could call M back... calling your hopefully future landloard while crying is probably not a good idea.

I eventually calmed down, and even managed to do so early enough that it wasn't too late to call. Since then, I've submitted my application and mailed my deposit to hold the place (half a month's rent).

Now all I need is a job. (Life altering step #2. This week is a doozy.)

PS: Looking outside, fluffy snowflakes are falling fast. Winter is definitely here.


Knittah said...

Scary, but good!

aniexma said...

I'm sure you were talking about this at Tuesday's meeting, but it sailed right past me. This is a GREAT lifestyle change. Sometimes you just have to jump in without logic and see where fate can take you. Congratulations!

Vik said...

Congratulations for your decision, Andrea!
Step by step... the job will come too!

Dianne said...

Congratulations! Good for you! It's scary right now, but in a few months you'll wonder why you ever hesitated.