Thursday, November 29, 2007


Full Bobbin

After I delivered flyers this morning (I'm home today) I finished off the bobbin. It was quite nice that I reached the end of the roving and basically filled the bobbin at the same time. :) (It would have been a bit annoying if the bobbin was full and there was just a bit of this roving left.)

Now I need to wind it onto my nostepinne and then ply it. (Extra bobbins would be *so* nice! Then I would have put half on two bobbins each, and then plied onto a third.)


jess said...

they make "storage bobbins" which are usually pretty inexpensive (US$2-5 apiece) -- or you can make them yourself. Certain people like alden amos actually recommend yarn be moved to storage bobbins rather than kept on the actual bobbin for the wheel. Then you can use a kate with the storage bobbins and spin the plied yarn onto the wheel's bobbin...

just a thought for next time! :)

noricum said...

Interesting... I didn't know about that. I suppose I can use the Ashford-like bobbins as storage bobbins. I'm guessing I must have returned the AA book before I read about storage bobbins. (I ran out of renewals, and AA had gotten to be a bit dull reading too.)

jess said...

yep, if you keep the bobbins that don't fit, you could use them, like you said. It might be one way to get around the single bobbin issue anyway. :)

I found the AA book totally fascinating and read the whole thing in a couple of evenings (I still use it for reference). I don't agree with him on everything, but I can often see his point.

I am so happy you have a wheel now!

noricum said...

So am I! :) I *love* having a wheel!

The read was fascinating, but he harped on twist and grist enough that it got annoying. Plus I never seem to be able to read non-fiction long-term. I did manage to get half way through the book, which is pretty impressive for me.