Monday, November 26, 2007

Workshop Painting WIP

Workshop Painting WIP

I'm going to finish the rest of this up at home. Although I had fun at class, the instructor keeps doing stuff on my painting that I don't like, and that I then need to "fix". Tonight I added the yellow stripes in the far field, painted the peachy undercoat to the near field, painted small trees in top of the green field, and "fixed" the sky. I need to "fix" what she did to the purple mountains. ;) I also need to decide if I want to "fix" the two big trees she painted. At any rate, it's coming along, and I think I'll be happy with the result. (Especially after I bring the not-there big tree that's currently coming out of the green field down into the peach field.)

I took this photo at night under the fluorescent lights, but the colour actually isn't that bad, since I attempted to use the manual white balance on my camera. (I only discovered I actually had that feature recently when a friend was playing with it to see what all it could do.)


Deneen said...

That is beautiful Andrea-nice work

noricum said...

Thank you. :)

aniexma said...

The painting is looking wonderful. (Definately get rid of those two big trees though).