Thursday, November 29, 2007

Brrrr! Cold!

Monday: At one of the downtown stops, both the front and back doors of the bus were open at the same time, and a bitterly cold wind blew through. Brrrr!

Tuesday: The door mechanism on the bus froze, and so the bus ended up driving half the length of Pembina from the university to downtown with it's front doors open. Brrrrr!

Today: The ink in my pen must have frozen, because I couldn't cross off which houses I made flyer deliveries to. Brrrr! Even with the liner in my winter coat, long johns, Sorels, wool sweater, wool scarf, wool toque and thinsulate mittens (I wasn't going to get newsprint all over my handmade mittens), I was *cold* when I got home.

We're having some unseasonably cold weather right now. Yes, the end of November is usually cold, but we're well below normal. I'm not sure about today, but the other day we were over ten degrees Celsius below normal! (That's something like twenty degrees Fahrenheit below normal.) I don't think we've had as much "easing into winter" as normal.

I just checked the weather page... it's currently -19 C, with a windchill of -31 C! (As I said... BRRRRRRR!)

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