Monday, November 19, 2007

Spinning Class

There was nary a flake in the sky when I left the house Sunday morning. When I got to the location of the class, one of the other ladies commented that it felt like snow was coming. I agreed, although more out of habit than anything. However, while we were playing with white (and other colour) fluffies inside, there were white fluffies outside:
Snowy Day

Here are some random photos from the class:
IMG_2833 IMG_2834 Penny's Handspun IMG_2837 IMG_2838
The handspun shown above is by Penny. Swatchy is giving the tour because he'll be posting over at his blog too. ;)

Here's what I spun over the two classes:
Click through to the flickr page to see what each is made from, or for bigger views. The purpley stuff at the bottom I actually plied on my spindle after I got home, because I ran out of time. Want a closer look at the exotic stuff? Here:
Again, click for biggy view. ;)

Here's some fluff I brought home:
The bunny angora was given to me by another student for me to try. (So nice!) She has an angora rabbit at home. This is shorn, rather than plucked, because she initially didn't know how to pluck. She wants to use up the shorn stuff before getting to the much nicer plucked stuff. The other stuff was in the "discard pile" at the end of the class. I wasn't letting it go to waste!

Oh... and, um, some other roving may have followed me home, but we shall not speak of it.
Fiber and Handspun
At least, not until it is spun and/or a sweater. ;) I couldn't resist. It seemed like a good deal, and I think it is. If you saw that, how much would you expect to pay? I'll give you a hint or two to help you: It's Polwarth, a mix of silver and brown, and 825 grams. (Nearly two pounds.) After a bunch of guesses, I'll post the answer.

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