Sunday, November 25, 2007

Flyer Delivery

Well, my first day wasn't too bad. I borrowed mom's car because there was no way I'd be able to manage carrying all those flyers in one trip all the way around the cemetery. For future trips I plan to get the toboggan out of dad's shed. My knees complained about the stairs, but there wasn't too many. It's much nicer than enumerating because I don't have to knock on doors. It was a nice walk... we'll see if I actually make minimum wage. Not counting getting to and from my route, it took me 45 minutes today. I suspect I'll get faster once I get more familiar with where the house numbers and mailboxes are hiding. I also suspect I'll resign on principle if I don't get at least close to minimum wage.


aniexma said...

This made me giggle, it sounds like you're delivery flyers "around" the cemetary!

noricum said...

Gotta have some reading material for all that time in purgatory! ;)