Friday, November 30, 2007


Eeep... a replacement drive band is $A80 plus post. "The drive band is a special non-stretching material with a non-slip layer on the inside surface." (I think the "non-slip" part of mine has also developed a slip.)

Wheels sure aren't cheap, even when they're free. :(


jess said...

you should be able to use something else as a drive band -- something not $AU80. ;) I'd go with your original idea to try a fan belt or something similar.

[weird, the identity thing at the bottom changed... no way to plug in my url anymore when I leave a comment?]

Bethany said...

Yeah, it seems like there should be a way. Have you tried asking around on spinning forums? I know the Knitter's Review forums have a big spinning section, maybe someone there would have some ideas.

Mandie said...

Oh gosh....AUS$80 for a drive band?
I'm in Oz....let me know if I can help in any way.
I'm going to go see if I can see what one of these very pricey drive bands looks like!

noricum said...

Mandie: Thanks for the offer... I've managed to make a new one. :)) (You dye lovely roving! If I didn't dread the shipping charges, I'd probably be sending *you* my money! ;) )

Mandie said...

I'm just glad you got it sorted for less than $80!!
Thanks for your kind words about my rovings :-)
I just realised something're a Canadian spinning on an Aussie wheel and I'm an Aussie spinning on a Canadian wheel...kinda kewl :-)

noricum said...

Mandie: That's hilarious! (Hmmm... should we send each other some roving from our respective homelands? ;) The wheels might be feeling homesick. Oh, wait... my local roving source sells roving from *Australian* sheep!)

Jess: Yes, I noticed things seem to have switched up. :(

Mandie said...

I'm sure we could work out a swap....after Christmas though?

noricum said...

Not thinking about it until after the holidays sounds like a good idea. ;)