Wednesday, November 14, 2007



I'm apparently still in the "must not enter stash" phase. I only used a tiny bit of the new skein of Cash Iroha to finish off the Hearts scarf, and the leftovers have been sitting on my bookshelf ever since. (I've been kind of lazy about putting things away, and my bin that holds yarn leftovers, misc yarn, and spinning fiber is pretty much stuffed to the gills anyway.) I decided to see if I could knit a pair of the handwarmers from Last Minute Knitted Gifts with the leftovers. I'm starting at the top, and will make both as long as possible, meeting in the middle of the ball of yarn. ;) I'm going to take these to SNB tonight.

The other reasons for making these include the fact that I've been pretty virtuous in my knitting (making progress on Durrow and charity knitting), so these are a reward. They're a quick knit, so won't add to my WIPs, plus I'll have the nice "I've finished something" feeling. :)


Daph said...

Pretty! I like that grey.

noricum said...

Thanks! It's a pretty grey... although hard to find the second time around! ;)