Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Not So Cheap

I signed up for another art class. This one is 7-9 on Monday, and we paint a pretty nice acrylic painting. (I have no idea if we finish in one session, or have to sign up for further sessions. Perhaps we keep signing up until we're done?) It was only $10, so I decided to join. There's a description here if you're interested, which includes the two paintings we get to choose from. I'm going to paint the Tuscan landscape.

The supplies for said class? After already having some of them, plus a 20% discount and no PST due to club membership... $43.

Not so cheap.

PS: Last night at the art club I finished the painting I can't show you. It's *really* awesome... in my opinion. I'm really happy with it! :) I can't wait to show it to you. It'll be a while, though... it's part of a set. :(

PPS: Perhaps if I finish fast and do the daffodils too, I can mentally "amortize" the cost of the supplies. (I know I'll use them eventually, but I was getting by without for now. I'm just stingy.)


jess said...

Supplies are pricey, aren't they!

BTW, I've been thinking about asking you to do a commission piece... but I'm not sure what I would want, so I haven't asked yet. :) I'm still thinking about it -- but if you finish any other non-commission pieces and are willing to sell them, let me know!

[seriously, we need more art in the house! I bought some pieces from Jodi Green that I need to frame and I have some pieces from other artist friends, but we still need more stuff. :) ]

noricum said...

Oooo... a commission! I could add that to my spinning wheel fund. :))

Thanks for the compliment! (Whether or not you end up actually commissioning something!)

Vik said...

I would have chosen the landscape too! I like it much more than the flowers. I can´t wait to see your painting, Andrea!