Monday, November 19, 2007

The Free Wheel

So, in the last post I talked about the lady who knew someone who passed on who... etc. Well, I was talking to the lady (the living one), and mentioned that I was taking a spinning class, and am saving up for a spinning wheel. Surprise! It turns out that she had a spinning wheel that had been given to her, but she wasn't able to tension it (or something) so that she could ply on it. The wheel was an odd one, and had been made in Australia for the person who had owned it before her when that lady was visiting Australia for a time. She (the lady I was talking to) had given the wheel to Francine of Rovings to give to someone, and *I* could have it, if Francine hadn't given it away already!

This was Saturday, and since I was taking a class with Francine the next day, we looked up her number and left a message at her shop. However, Francine didn't check her messages before the spinning class.

The wheel is an Ettrick Windwheel. Googling it, there isn't much on the web at all. Francine says the wheel currently isn't working at all, but that if she can get it to work, I can have it! She has e-mailed the makers, but hasn't heard back from them yet. She hasn't made figuring out the wheel a priority before now, but she says she'll look at it in the next few days, and I'm going to call her on Wednesday evening. If she can't figure it out, I want her to let me have a try. I'm good with mechanical things, so perhaps I can figure it out. Perhaps I can go out there this weekend.


Mandi said...

Woohoo, lucky you!

Paulina said...

Perhaps if you ever make it down here again, we can go to Dallas and you can take a look at my grandmother's spinning wheel. It's ancient, and I don't think she knows how to use it (and I'm pretty sure it needs some broken leather (or rubber? it's been a while since I saw it so I don't remember) pieces replaced to be functional.

Okay, so a trip to Dallas probably isn't realistic. :P

I don't know how to spin, nor do I have a strong desire to learn. But I love that spinning wheel...probably because it's been sitting in that room in her house fascinating me for my entire life because no one knows how to use it. And I think it came over on the boat from Sweden with the family.

Knittah said...


noricum said...

I'm sure I'll be visiting you again at some point! (I just need vacation time and spare income.)

I'm sure I can repair her wheel with the right supplies, assuming none of the wood is warped. (Warped wood is probably a bit beyond my skill, or at least beyond how much time I would have on the visit.) This sounds like something that should stay in the family as long as someone wants to have it. I'd be happy to teach you to spin. :) You might be more interested after you try it. ;)

Of course, if no one in your family wants it even for decorative purposes, I'd be happy to provide a home for it. ;)

Deneen said...

You must be on pins and needles waiting to hear-you or your dad should be able to figure it all out.

noricum said...

I am! I am!