Monday, November 19, 2007

The Gift that keeps on Spinning

Did I tell you about the lady who knew someone who passed on recently, and the widower wanted to give away the spinning and weaving supplies to someone who would use them? Initially it looked like I wouldn't get them because he wanted them all to go to the same place and to someone who would definitely use all of them, but I guess he changed his mind. (I couldn't make any promises about the large loom.) I was so excited! However, the spindle wasn't quite what I expected:
Spindle, Carders, Books
It's a homemade Navajo spindle. I've never tried one, or have any idea how to use one. I guess now I can learn. I'm not sure the previous person actually used the spindle that much... given the look of the inch of handspun plus tuft of unspun roving on the leader, I'm guessing that the person tried it and either couldn't figure it out to her satisfaction, or didn't like the process.

Does anyone have any recommendations on their favourite sites for learning how to Navajo spin?

The carders are also quite old, and the carding cloth is deteriorating. (It is brittle, and chips or crumbles if I flick the edge in places.) I think they can still be used, though.
Hand Carders
I googled Leclerc hand carders, and apparently the carding cloth they use is leather. Does anyone know if ancient leather can be reconditioned? (When it's covered in little metal teeth, so you can't actually really reach it?)

I'm going to give the carders a try... um, not tonight (painting class), not tomorrow night (knitting group)... Wednesday, maybe? (Did I mention I've been busy? Well, it continues!) Or perhaps I can squeeze them in tonight after painting class. We'll see.

I have the name and address of the man who gave these to me. I need to write a thank-you note.


Kath said...


I don't spin, but my mother does and I believe I've heard her talk about "Navajo plying". I'm not sute if that's the same as what you need - but I've emailed her a link to your post and asked her to let you know if she's got any info that'd help. Good luck and let us know how it goes!

noricum said...

Navajo plying is something different. I know how to do that. But thanks!

Kath said...

That just shows you how much I know about spinning! I expect I'll be hearing from her on that subject (and my ignorance) soon! :)