Friday, November 30, 2007

Remember to Drive Safely

The streets are slippery. Give yourself extra stopping time. Don't follow too closely. Reduce your speed. Don't do this:
Car Accident
Car Accident
(The view from my bus stop this morning.)


Kelli said...

And pump your brakes if you don't have ABS. Oh, and turn the wheel the direction that you're sliding...

Ah, the things I recall from my childhood in a state where it actually snowed in the wintertime. :-)

That picture reminds me of the Triangle area when it *rains* anymore. It's been so long since we've had any, people have forgotten how to drive when the streets are wet.

noricum said...

And remember that if you *do* have ABS, it takes *longer* to stop!

Still no rain? That's sad. :(

Lucy said...

But the snow looks so pretty in the background!

Vera H. said...

I never driven in really bad snow or ice, so I'm sure that would be my car in those photos if I had to drive.