Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Winter Update

Since I know you're all just *dying* to know, the Assiniboine River still has rafts of slush flowing down it, but the Red River is nearly completely frozen over near my place. There are patches of open water, and the ice isn't terribly thick, but it's definitely in the process. Given that the low tonight is something like -19C, I think I can firmly say that winter is here. The ground is even semi-snow covered.

This morning my thought was that it's time to get out the real winter scarf. (As opposed to the little sock yarn clapotis decorative thing.) My thought on the way home is that I should either dig out my winter coat (and boots too), or at least get the lining for my fall coat. (I love wool sweaters... they're probably what's kept me satisfied with my fall coat this long.)


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