Sunday, November 04, 2007

Combustion of Steel Wool

Well now, it appears that steel wool is combustible!

(Did I know that? If I did, I thoroughly forgot it.) I doubt that it is "self-combustible", though... all the references I found online required a flame, spark, or battery to start it.

I've downloaded the latest Car Talk, and will listen to it first thing tomorrow morning. I was going to listen to it before now, but somehow the weekend absolutely disappeared on me. (Has anyone seen where I misplaced it? It was here a moment ago!)


Katy said...

So you start your evening (while it is still light out) with Mentos and Diet Coke, have a bbq and then light your steel wool on fire. Amazingly, everything is available at your local corner store.

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noricum said...

hee hee!

Kristen said...

Maybe if there's enough steel wool huddled together in a crate, it generates static electricity on its own.

Or...! Maybe if you scoot around the house in wool socks and then zap a wad of steel wool, it'll burst into flame!

Man, if that works, I wish I could go back and win that science fair.

Светлана Узких said...

Looks nice and beautiful, but in the same way-- dangerous... as for me.. :)