Thursday, November 08, 2007

State of the Handknits

Those ten washcloths? Actually a birthday present for H. I took them in today because I figured I'd forget them if I left them for tomorrow (her birthday). I gave H the option of when to open them, and she decided there was no time like the present for a present. She loves them! Yay!!!

Durrow's expansion panels are coming along:
Durrow WIP
(Durrow is folded in half in that shot.) Progress has slowed somewhat because I've made a few squares for Oliver's fundraising blanket:
Squares for Oliver
(Kay must be a much faster knitter than I... she said a square could be knit in one episode of Grey's Anatomy. It took me some of the 6 o'clock news, all of This Old House Hour, Grey's Anatomy, and half of Without a Trace to knit *one* square. I've been doing one per night, allowing myself to work on Durrow after I get a square done.)

I'm still happy with my current socks in progress:
Crochet Socks WIP

Want in on a secret? I think a big part of the reason I'm making squares for Oliver stems from a desire to see something I knit on the Mason-Dixon Knitting blog. Am I allowed to be selfish when I'm knitting for charity?

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Kath said...

Yes, you are allowed to be "selfish" as you put it, when knitting for charity! I don't think of it as being selfish, just a desire for appreciation and acknowledgement.

People who are part of a knitting group generally receive regular feedback and positive reinforcement, so that they know without a shadow of a doubt that their efforts are not in vain.

For those of us who are solo knitters, not having access to that sort of interaction means that we just sort of soldier on alone, knitting on commutes, in front of the TV, etc., and then package up our precious handmade items and ship them out to whatever worthy cause we've chosen to support. We do it all in god faith, assuming that they will arrive, be appreciated, and put to good use.

So it is not at all wrong to desire some sort of recognition for your efforts - whether it's seeing a photo of that item on someone's blog, or in my case - the item used in a display window promoting the charity!

Sorry for the long comment - As you can see I felt rather strongly about the issue! :)