Monday, November 19, 2007


One thing about a crazy-busy weekend is that I now have tons to post. I'll start off with a summary of the longer items, and all of the shorter items. (Those that I can remember, at least!)

1. I didn't sell anything at the art show, but it was fun hearing the compliments that I did hear, and two of my paintings each got one vote for the people's choice award. (There were some people who have been showing for years who didn't get any votes.)

2. I was given the spinning stuff from the lady who passed on. (More in a separate post.)

3. I might get a free wheel. (More in a separate post.)

4. Spinning class was a blast. (More in a separate post.)

5. I've applied to rent the apartment. (More in a separate post.)

6. It snowed yesterday, and the snow is still on the ground today. I haven't dug my winter boots out yet, but I've also managed not to fall on my ass yet either. (Yay!)

7. My bus got re-routed this morning because of a movie shoot. (Kind of cool. I don't know which movie.)

8. I have a new photo of the newest sock yarn blanket triangle with some more squares to show. (More in a separate post.)

I can't remember anything else right now. If I do remember, I'll let you know. ;) Now to finish off all the "more" posts. ;)


Deneen said...

Wow-all exciting news!

Kath said...

I know you want wheel money - but it's great that you got such positive feedback at the art show! (feeds the soul if not the bank account)
Congrats - sounds like you had a great weekend all the way around!

noricum said...

Most of my paintings weren't ones I wanted to part with anyway. ;)