Thursday, November 29, 2007

Felt Wee Folk WIPs

Felt Wee Folk WIPs

And now there is two. Both unfinished. I don't want to do the hair and hat on the first until she has a face, and I've been a bit lazy about getting the paint out. Perhaps I'll do several at once. The second doll also needs a side seam. The second doll is a much better size for my flower petals.

I don't have good wing petals. I haven't decided if I should find some so I can give them wings, or if they're fine without wings.


Kelli said...

I think they're fine without wings.

I can't get over your and your perfect little embroidery stitches!

The smaller one looks like she has a mohawk. :-)

I sent an email to you about your windwheel bobbins - I contacted the manufacturer in Australia to see how much they would cost, etc., and I forwarded his response to you.

noricum said...

Thanks for the opinion on the wings. :) I think so too. And thanks for the compliments on the stitching! She does look like she has a mohawk, doesn't she? ;)

Thanks for the e-mail!

Knittah said...

Soooo CUTE!