Sunday, November 11, 2007

Mine. Mine. Mine, Mine, Mine MineMineMineMine!

Remember those seagulls from Finding Nemo? That's how I feel after a day behind the wheel. Here I am with Swatchy, the wheel I love, and Francine from Rovings beside us:
Spinning Class
I *want* a Lendrum double treadle. Pleeeeeeeeeease! Here's my singles:
Handspun Singles
I'll be plying them next weekend. (Had I been satisfied with singles, I could have brought them home today. I want to ply them, though!)

Oh... and polwarth? Like *silk*!!!! (I wasn't spinning polwarth... at least, not 100% polwarth. I was spinning "mystery roving" that goes through the drum carder between batches.) Francine did have some polwarth, both washed and in the grease, to show us. It was soooooo nice! I want some polwarth too. Like, maybe, a small flock worth? (Just kidding... a couple pounds will do... for now.)

PS: Can someone tell my feet they can stop treadling now?
PPS: Swatchy wrote a post too.


Knittah said...

This is why I won't TOUCH roving!

jess said...

yay! I love my lendrum dt (still, 2.5 years later!)! Do you think you can figure out a way to set aside $x per month or something to save up for it?