Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Workshop Painting WIP

Workshop Painting WIP

Last night I started my latest workshop painting. The class was kind of funny... the teacher is, um, "hands on". As in, she used my canvas to demonstrate the roughing in and the sky, and for a few minutes it looked like I wouldn't get to do anything at all on my painting! However, someone reminded her that it was my canvas, and she gave it back. Then, just before the class was over, she had worked her way around the room to me... and painted in the two trees that are there! It didn't bother me too much, although my mom was rather ticked. I figured that at worst, I'd have my very own Bernadette Philips original. ;)

The other funny thing is that she said not to work on them at home, because she didn't want us painting when she wasn't watching.

Although I did enjoy myself, I'm not sure I'm learning anything in this class. (Except, perhaps, confidence.) I don't think I'll take another one of her classes. (Besides the one next Monday to finish the painting.)

The one thing that really bothers me about this painting is that the cypresses don't scale nearly as much as they should going into the distance, in my opinion.

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Kelli said...

How can anyone learn if she does much of it herself? Jeez.