Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Mail, In & Out

Whoever thought the post office would lose money due to the internet (e-mailing instead of writing letters) was pretty clueless. Last night I packaged up stuff I need to mail:
Packages to Mail
Three of the four packages would not have existed if it were not for the internet. (I'll be off to the post office shortly.)

I also *received* mail yesterday too! (Again, this mail wouldn't have existed without the internet.) First, *lovely* Mirasol baby llama yarn from my aunt (as a thank you for the baby tart I knit her after she saw the first one on my blog):
Second, my Pay It Forward package!:
Pay It Forward Swap
Magnets that spell "Noricum" and stitch markers with the joins soldered. Thanks Daph! (I have yet to decide what to give the people I'm paying forward...)

Also, in non-mail mail (hand delivered), squares knit by a member of my knitting group which I'm mailing off with my own squares:
Squares and Scraps
Wow... she knit way more than I did! She also gave me sock yarn scraps for my blanket. Yay!

It was definitely a fun mail day yesterday!


Daph said...

Yaay for fun mail! Glad you liked your little package. :)

Liz said...

K, I'm excited now! I went to the post office today too, but it was only to send off boring grant stuff. Boo.