Sunday, June 19, 2005

More socks I've made for me

Socks I've made for me
Socks I've made for me

These are the socks that were in the wash when I took the first photo.

All of these socks are cotton blend. From right to left (on both rows), we have:

Lang Jawoll Cotton... *love* these. Whenever I tell people I made yellow and orange striped socks, they think I'm crazy. But then they see these, and come around. ;) I'm not normally a yellow and orange person, but I *love* these crazy socks!

Meilenweit Cotton Fun & Stripes... mmm! My rainbow fix for summer! Very comfey too.

Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy... third pair of socks I made. I bought this yarn last minute before a conference, when I didn't have much selection. I wasn't crazy that the colours looked a bit faded, but they're very practical... they match lots of my t-shirts. (Even though I'm a "blue" person, I seem to have lots of green t-shirts.)

Regia Jacquard... I made these too long (I was curious how much came in a ball... *too* much), and am not crazy about the colour either. However, the yarn was cheap.

Lang Jawoll cotton... not my favourite colourway, and they've faded a bit, but still nice socks. Lang makes very nice yarn... very comfortable.

Sockotta... great colour, no pooling, very comfortable, and *great* price.

Last: another pair of Meilenweit Cotton Fantasy. Same comments as above, but this time they match my tank tops. ;)

Besides socks for me, I can remember making at least 8 other pairs... 3 for Alison, 1 for Bob, 2 for Mom (one pair of which was originally for me, but I couldn't wear because of the elastic), 1 for Valerie, and 1 for Josie. In the works: 1 for Bob, 2 for Mom, and my Sockapalooza pal's socks.

My original thought was that I'd reach an equilibrium where socks would wear out at the same rate that I was making them, but I have yet to wear out a pair. My sock drawer is getting rather full... but then, there's always different fun socks to make. ;)


Deneen said...

If you ever run out of people to make socks for, remember me :P

your sock pal said...

Uh oh, I may have done a really bad thing. Can you delete my comment. I think that it might log you in to my email. Yikes!

noricum said...

My sock pal meant to post this anonymously, but didn't do so completely. (I was good and didn't peek!) Here's her comment, which will now be anonymous:

This is great, what a neat variety of socks and colors! You have used a great variety of sock yarns and I found your comments helpful. I don't see that you have used any Lorna's laces Shepherd Sock...still wool, though. I haven't knit any up yet, but it seems much finer and more lightweight than Koigu wool. Any thoughts?

noricum said...

Hi Sock Pal! No, I've never tried Lorna's Laces Shepherd Sock... it's not something my LYS has, and neither did Ram Wools (where I bought one of all their different sock yarns when they were having a really great sale last Christmas). I've heard lots of good stuff about it... I just don't think I've found it at a price I'm willing to pay yet... especially given how much sock stash I need to work through. ;) Oooo... I just got back from checking out their colours! Yes, I think I've been wanting to try, but just couldn't justify the cost yet. ;)

I would love a pair of Lorna's Laces socks, if that's what you decide to do. :)

Vicki said...

Do you have any good sources for crochet sock patterns? I've gotten pretty good at knitting socks, but since teaching myself to crochet a week ago I've become a bit obsessed. I'd love to try some fun crochet socks. All of yours look amazing!