Sunday, March 18, 2007

Saturday Night

Saturday night, M and I went down to the Forks for a walk. We started by checking out the viewing platform:
The Forks
The Forks
Skating on the river is definitely over, but had we known the small rink was still open, we would have brought our skates.

We walked along the riverwalk, and noticed a spot where the ice was gone and we could see the Assiniboine rushing by:
Assiniboine River
(You can see it a bit better on the big view.) I tried taking a short video to capture the sound:

But it's a bit hard to tell what is water and what is traffic on the bridge above.

We didn't walk far along the riverwalk, because M wanted to see Upper Fort Garry... which isn't very exciting because there's only one gate left. M thought there was more, but I didn't realize that. It's kind of neat anyway. Then we went over to a coffee shop on Broadway (I had hot chocolate, M had a chai latte), discovered we both enjoy scrabble, and then headed back to the Forks to get the car. We drove through St B so I could see where Fort Gibralter is (I need to check it out when it's open)... and we also saw the melted remains of all the Festival snow sculptures. You could only tell they had been sculptures because they stood upright in areas with otherwise low snow. I wish I had gone to check them out when they were whole... maybe next year.

Back at my place M and I played half a game of scrabble (Delgatty Rules, of course), then we were both tired so we called it a night. Fun!

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you never know what you'll find... just when i was going to ask where you learned "delgatty rules" for scrabble i noticed some hats i think i recognize in a photo, so i think i've figured it out. didn't know you were in wpg, though. sounds like spring in your neck of the woods...