Thursday, March 15, 2007

New Frames

What do you think? (I went for a walk this morning, so I stopped in to take a photo while I was walking past the place.)
New Frames New Frames

Update: My parents (all three) dislike the frames, but everyone in the department likes them. I decided to go ahead and get them. I think my family just needs some time to adjust to the different look... that, and the photos aren't that great, especially the front with all the glare. Total cost for frames ($90), lenses ($140), and eye exam ($60) is $290. I have my prescription, so if I decide I want sunglasses too, I'll check out the really cheap places, since sunglasses don't get as much use.


jess said...

those are cool, funky frames! they look really nice on you (cool shape)! :) neat!

Deneen said...

I like them and my mother never likes my frames wither-I think it's what you said, they have to get used to it. I use my script sunglasses all the time.

Daph said...

Oh, I really like them! I think they're a perfect shape for your face! :)