Friday, March 23, 2007

Dead Internets

Campus internets is pretty much down... occasionally something makes it through, but mostly it doesn't. Grump. I miss my internets.

I'm feeling kinda grumpy/blue this morning anyway... although things don't suck as much for me as they do for some of my friends. One is over in Kinshasa... she's not in the line of fire, but she can hear it outside the building she's in, she doesn't have food (or beer) or bedding (or even her knitting). Then there's another friend who is a few years older than me... and he just lost his wife to Lupus. They didn't even know she had Lupus until earlier this year, when her immune system went nuts. Funeral is tomorrow. I never met the wife, but I was friends with my friend, so I'm guessing I should go. Life sure sucks for them right now.

In happier news, I'm making progress on C's summer hat:
Summer Hat WIP
I'm almost done the top, and will shortly be crocheting without increases to do the sides. (I couldn't put it down, and so ended up working on it on the bus ride home and back to school.)

Another square done on the sock yarn blanket... I should take another photo soon. (And it got mentioned on BritKnitCast!)


Congogirl said...

So things aren't all that bad, I got a beer! And some more sardines and bread, and we do have some modest mattresses (foam covered with vinyl) so I should get some rest tonight. We are bunkered down for the second night...

noricum said...

I'm glad things are a bit better... I hope the figting stops soon!